The Grange Community Association was set up on 1 July, 1974. Its key aim was to build and run a community and leisure centre for the benefit of the communities in Midhurst, Petworth and the local villages.

The Centre opened in 1980 and was successfully operated for over 34 years. It was closed in February 2014 because the fabric of the building had reached the end of its economic life. A new centre, owned by the local authority, is now in operation.

The Charity now awards grants to organisations within the same catchment area to help those groups to offer community, leisure and sports facilities.

The charity has eight Trustees and their summary CV's can be found on this website.

Three times each year the Trustees consider applications made by organisations to help a wide group of local residents to enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle as well as a relaxed and rewarding life. The application form and conditions can be found on this website.

The Objects clause of the Charity adopted on 28 March, 2013 reads as follows:

The Charity's objects (“the Objects”) are inter alia the provision and maintenance of a Community Centre for the use by the inhabitants of Midhurst and the surrounding area without distinction of political, religious or other opinions including use for

a) meetings, lectures, classes and

b) other forms of recreational and leisure-time occupation, with the object of improving the conditions of life for the inhabitants, and

c) the provision of community participation in healthy recreation by the provision of grants to facilitate the playing of sports for the benefit of the inhabitants of Midhurst, Petworth and the surrounding area through amateur sports clubs in the communities.